Interview with Julian Voss-Andreae, Sculptor of proteins

Ian Edwards – The Calling

Franceska – Kris Geheim

Intervista Francesco Capello

Spannungsfeld, 2014 – Julian Voss-Andreae

Francesco Capello – Italian Hyperealistic painter

Quantum Buddha at Frederic Boloix Fine Arts

Missing Peace Found – Dario Campanile with The Dalai Lama

Eternity – Eleanor Cardozo

La saggezza – Cico De Guzman

Ian Edwards – Creation of Self

Viatcheslav Plotnikov – Exhibitions

Creating A Bronze – start to finish – Eleanor Cardozo

Ian Edwards – Born of Fire

Dario Campanile Interview

Johannes Wessmark

Viatcheslav Plotnikov – The Golden Age

Eleanor Cardozo sculptures at Westminster Abbey, London

Dario Campanile – Oil on Aluminum Paintings

Eleanor Cardozo

Spannungsfeld, 2014 – Julian Voss-Andreae

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