Trademark Altieri 1930

Salvatore Altieri
GIA Diamond Certificated

Brand Description

ALTIERI: profession of jewelers. The trademark ALTIERI, born in 1930, when grandfather Salvatore, sitting at the work bench forging the jewels commissioned by the customers, then it was exciting to give form to the desire of the customer who actively participated in the birth of his jewel.


Or2280 earrings

18kt white gold earrings with 5.66 ct diamonds

Australian pearls ct 46.00

Ring AN 3296

18kt white gold ring with 3.60 ct tanzanite

diamonds ct 2.20

Ring AN 3617

18kt white gold ring with natural ruby ​​ct 2.40

diamonds 1.86c

Necklace CO1106

18 ct white and yellow gold with Sardinia coral and onyx

diamanti ct 2,33 – smeraldi ct 4,30

White gold earrings

18kt con perla australiana ct 42

diamonds ct 0.84

Chantecler earrings

white gold 18kt

brilliant cut diamonds and a 8.70 ct shuttle cut

Bracelet Br523

18kt white gold bracelet

diamonds 9,90 ct gold pearl

Bracelet Br 522

18kt white gold bracelet with opals

sapphires ct 31.75- diamonds ct 3.70

Bracelet Br 478

18kt white gold bracelet with Sardinia coral

sapphires ct 6.34 -ct1.84 diamonds

Earrings Or2279

18kt yellow gold earrings with 0.44 ct diamonds

coral Sardinia

Earrings Or2416

18kt white and yellow gold earrings with 23.28 ct emeralds

3.44ct diamonds


White Gold 18kt

Diamonds 2,38ct

Earrings OBZ8800 In white gold

18kt con zaffiri ct 13,00 e diamanti 7,00ct

pendant CBZ8800 white gold

18 kt with 6.55 ct sapphires and 3.50ct diamonds

Ring ABZ8800 White gold

18kt with sapphires of 3.62 ct and 0.57ct diamonds

Ring AN 3554 in white gold

18kt with brown diamonds 5.30 ct and white diamonds 0.90ct

Yellow gold earrings

18kt with imperial briole topaz, 1.04ct diamonds

Earrings OR2221 earrings in white gold

18kt with opal, emeralds, 8.91ct, diamonds, 1.50ct

Natural turquoise AN3568 ring

diamonds vvs-f ct 1.30, emeralds ct3.30

White gold snake earrings

18kt with Australian pearl and diamonds ct0,96


18kt With Diamonds 3.30 ct vvs-g
Natural Smerald ct 3.20


18kt With Diamonds 2,05ct vvs-f
Tanzanite ct 5.83 GIA certification


AN 3214 18kt with Black Pearl and Gold Pearl 26ct

Diamonds ct2,04


AN3554 White Gold 18kt with natural Ruby 6,62ct

Diamonds ct0,70 vvs-g

More About

In 1970 his son Andrea took over the reins and to keep up with the times he started trading with the best jewelery companies on the international market, in 1990 the jewelery felt the need for greater competence and professionalism and thanks to his son Salvatore, an expert in diamonds with a diploma in gemology obtained through the course (GIA), is able to offer greater advice and professionalism, always designed to protect the most precious jewel: the customer

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