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From 1988 LITHOS started working on the French primates on behalf of the French Ministry of Culture and in the same year, together with other three Venetian diane, founded the Marciano Consortium that works on the main Venetian monuments. Since 1991, the restorer Paolo Pagnin, a member of the company, regularly participates in missions, restoration projects and educational activities as a consultant to UNESCO – U.N.D.P. – I.C.C.R.O.M. – Ecole Française d’Extreme Orient – World Monuments Fund – C.E.E. and others.



Since the 90s, Lithos has been doing technical-scientific consultancy work and restoration interventions of particular importance to safeguard global cultural heritage, in collaboration with UNESCO – U.N.D.P. – I.C.C.R.O.M. – Ecole Française d’Extreme Orient – World Monuments Fund-C.E.E. and others. The company regularly takes part in missions in the role of consultant and with the aim of developing didactic practices. This activity allows the promotion of scientific and technological relationships, increasing competencies and a sharing of best practice with foreign countries.


Lithos has qualified personnel who can catalogue works of art using the ICCD standard for museums and archives- in A, OA and F cards- and handle works of art within museums or for moves abroad, applying functional methods to packing, handling and transport processes. We also draw up the conservation cards and the certifications for the correct conservation status of the works of art during handling, the so called ‘Condition Report’ and the technical reports with the environmental characteristics of the new base where the work of art is headed, the so called ‘Facility Report’.


Lithos also provides preliminary, definitive and executive planning services for public or private clients: we carry out survey campaigns, mapping in line with the Normal recommendations, stratigraphic surveys and then produce project reports that include photographs and technical details of the intervention.


LITHOS has been working in the field of restoration, conservation, cataloguing and consolidation of cultural heritage and the handling of works of arts for more than thirty years; in the last few years, it has also made inroads in the field of building works. The company is made up of a team of restoration experts and art conservators, architects and engineers all of whom follow through the projects from the planning phase to the actual intervention to restore the works of art, their completion and maintenance. Lithos also has a strong network of contacts with suppliers and research organisations that enables it to keep apace of new methods, technologies and new environmentally friendly materials. These innovative processes, which are implemented during working projects, in agreement with the relevant subcontractors are continuously monitored by way of thorough investigations, reports and ample evaluation documents. The comparison of various case studies means that increasingly efficient and innovative techniques and methodologies can be identified and their compatibility with the objects requiring intervention, in a certain context, totally ensured.The right staff, equipment and experience gained all mean that Lithos can take on any intervention and guarantee professionalism, efficiency and competency.


Lithos carries out construction works on buildings subject to restrictions, from demolitions to re-doing facades, internal and external finishing and sorting out coverings.

RESTORATION – Archaeological

Thanks to its strong network of contacts with highly qualified personnel, Lithos is able to offer archaeological assistance, guaranteeing extreme professionalism when managing the surveys and digs and ensuring smooth relations with the authorities. Archaeological surveys, necessary for a clearer understanding of the sites in question must be carried out in a strict and professional manner, so that the information gathered can be defined and interpreted accurately.

RESTORATION – Structural consolidation

Lithos carries out structural consolidation works on historical buildings and monuments and on ornate surfaces using pultruded laminate materials, stainless steel, carbon and basalt; unidirectional, bidirectional and  four-axial fabrics and nets,  bars and anchoring systems, adhesives and  mortar, all approved for the consolidation of the structure.

RESTORATION – Laser Technology

Lithos is specialised in the use of laser tools and by studying the various applications is able to choose the right approach for the various problems associated with the restoration of surfaces made from stone, earthenware, stucco, frescos and plaster. The laser cleaning technique, characterised by a high level of selectivity and minimum impact on the original structure of the artefact, is able to satisfy the cleaning needs of even the most problematic cases where there are serious consistency and cohesion support problems.


Lithos has been working in the field of conservation restoration since 1985 on both objects and buildings of historical and artistic importance and carries out work on stones, frescos, mural paintings, plaster, marmorini (lime-based polished Venetian plaster), terracotta clay, plaster of Paris, stucco, wood, metal, cement and other modern and contemporary architectural materials. Each intervention is carefully studied beforehand so that a team of specialised workers and technicians can be put together specifically to handle that case and any related problems. The staff are highly qualified and use innovative tools as well as environmentally friendly recycled materials.

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In 1992 the owners of LITHOS were awarded the XIX “TORTA” PREMIUM for the Restoration of Venice, for “the contribution given as highly skilled operators to the protection of the city”. In 1995, after having attended the courses to qualify for the use of LASER in the restoration, Lithos has specialized in the use of laser instrumentation by studying the various applications that allow to face selectively the different problems of restoration. In 2004 the restorer Michele Rigoni joined the Lithos as a partner. In 2013, Dr. Elvira Boglione joined the Lithos as a partner.

The formation of the founding members takes place through the theoretical and practical courses held at the International University of Art of Venice and those of the ICCROM of Rome (1981 Restoration of the stone – 1986 Restoration of wall paintings), in collaboration with the Central Institute of Restoration.


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