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Gerardo La Porta, aka “GiGi”, was born in 1966 in Eboli (SA) ITALY. Talented artist, as a child he stands out with his artistic skills, awarded already at the age of 9 in a school competition.
Self-taught, his drawing aptitudes range from the technical to the figurative. Without the approval of his parents, who hoped for other interests for him, he studied all the techniques of drawing and painting, preferring oil colors.

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5 Acrylics on Canvases
50×60 cm x Canvas | 250×60 cm Total


Acrylic on canvas – Figurative Abstract
80×60 cm


Acrylic on canvas – Figurative Abstract
80×60 cm

New Naked

Acrylic on canvas
120×80 cm


He falls in love with the great classical artists, but is then captured by contemporaries such as Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Matisse, Miro ’, Modigliani, Dali’, from whom he finds inspiration to develop his own personal technique.
He began to paint a lot during work breaks, and refined the technique of oil colors, alternating with acrylics and watercolors. He decides to travel and work on cruise ships for about ten years. This gives him the opportunity to learn about new cultures, new countries, and all the art in the world. Back in Italy, he feels the need to express and research new techniques in the world of art. His basic artistic expression is Abstract figurative, with very bright colors and full of nuances, alternating with an always abstract Pop Art, to the developed lines of Sol LeWitt (see last works).


From 1992 he began to exhibit his works throughout the province of Salerno in many collective art exhibitions;
Since 1995 a founding member of the TIAL group of Battipaglia (SA), organizing exhibitions throughout the Campania region, such as Caserta, Avellino, Salerno, Teggiano, Ravello, Marina di Camerota, Sala Consilina, Agropoli, Eboli, Campagna, Battipaglia, Bellizzi, Colliano , San Gregorio, Montecorvino Rovella, Giffoni (at the Giffoni Film Festival).
It also participates in international competitions, such as Malta, Argentina, Ireland, Spain, Venezuela.
Since 2013 his personal exhibitions have been held in Eboli, Agropoli, Acciaroli, Battipaglia, Cambrils (Spain), Verona, Amalfi.
From 2 to 5 June 2016 he participates in the Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art Salerno.
Collective Exhibition in Dublin (Ireland) in 2017
In 2018 Collective Exhibition in Bologna in January and April, in Pavia in June and September.
Personal Exhibition in October 2018 in Salerno at the Teatro delle Arti.
Participate in the PAVIART Talent in December 2018.
One of his works selected by Disney for the film “Mary Poppins – the return” of 2019.
From 16 February 2019 to 15 March 2019, Personal Exhibition at the Zen Sushi Restaurant / Galleria in Milan.
Collective exhibition in April / June 2019 at the Gluqbar Gallery in Milan – Fiat Punto design project.
Some of his paintings exhibited at the ARTMALL in Milan.


2nd place Design Competition on Environmental Pollution promoted by WWF and Legambiente Campania in 1986.
By participating in many collective exhibitions, only certificates and / or diplomas.
Selected by Disney Italia for a painting on Mary Poppins – the return (films in cinemas from 2018).
His main works are exhibited in a permanent exhibition at: the Bar Sport 2.0 – Gallery of Eboli, some are at the Gallery LA MOKA POP in Pavia and Art-e Gallery in Verdana (FR). He collaborates with the TEELENT group of Milan as a designer for t-shirts, some paintings present in online galleries, including ARTUPIA in Milan.
Many of his works are from private collectors all over the world, mostly Scandinavian countries, France, Spain, Ireland, America (Florida, California, NY and Washington DC), Australia and NZ, as well as in Italy.

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