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When Bart Smeets was a pre-schooler he built shelters in his parents’ garden which was soon followed by concocting rafts (which have never seen the water, unfortunately).         By creating whatever he felt like, with the various materials and tools at hand, Bart  developed creative and technical qualities and learned about the (im-)possibilities of tool and material.

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79 cm x 46 cm


79 cm x 46 cm


78 cm x 45 cm


After secondary education Bart studied aircraft maintenance (ACM) in Beek, The Netherlands. This was where he began to appreciate the materials aluminum and sheet iron. He learned how to work them and enjoyed their qualities. Besides their application in aircrafts he also used them for his own creations. Moreover, the precision this work required is something he benefits from in his creative work of today. When not at school he kept developing things , of which many were applicable to make daily life easier. At home his father’s skills and tools were available for Bart. After ACM education Bart started a business of his own: house clearance. 5 Years later this concept has expanded into a company that offers a full concept that varies from house clearance to moving house and storage of moveables. The aspect of inventing easier and better ways to move and store is what makes Bart the happiest in his work. But Bart is still looking for  a fulfillment of his creative urge which he misses in his daily work. That’s why he decided to try new things in his father’s barn, where it all started. He works on steel sculptures of female bodies and thoroughly enjoys the process.

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