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Cyril Maccioni embodies a new generation of artists who valorize the identity of his creations while bringing this undeniable contemporary note.

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Original work – unique piece
H2.20xD0.50xW1.18 m – without pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.15xD0.85xW0.62 m – without pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.35xD0.75xW1.25 m – without pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.3xD0.65xW0.40 m – with wood pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.60xD0.90xW0.60 m – without pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.80xD1.15xW0.50 m – without pedestal


Original work – unique piece
H1.30xD0.25xW0.60 m – without pedestal


Cyril Maccioni embodies a new generation of artists who valorize the identity of his creations while bringing this undeniable contemporary note.

It is at his youngest age that Cyril discovers a passion for creation. For several years, his thirst for learning and to surpass him allowed him to acquire a certain knowledge. His path, which can be described as atypical, clearly illustrates his philosophy.
Graduated from the University of Corsica, successively firefighter then professional model, his inspirations feed on his land, Corsica; And his travels around the world.
Through the experiences and encounters he keeps in mind his dream: to devote himself fully to creation.
This dream he touches his finger in 2014 when he begins to develop his own workshop in the region of Bastia, Haute-Corse.
At first Designer Maker, he manipulates and assembles the materials that have fascinated him for a long time: concrete, wood, steel, glass, and more recently the composite materials that made him want to go to sculpture.
Each of his works exists only in one copy.
Self-taught, sensitive and curious, Cyril Maccioni is a free artist who does not set limits in his creative approach.
His creativity, generosity and humility enabled him to become, in a few years, one of the most talented Corsican artists of his generation.
Today, the artist has invested himself fully in sculpture to make it a vector capable of conveying his message concerning animal abuse and, from a more general point of view, the extinction of animal species and the Health of the planet.

The artist and his approach

The black color is a call to reliefs, indentations, furrows in dark matter that reveal light and reflections. For it is not the black color itself that is at the center of its work, but the light it reveals: it is therefore a matter of accessing a symbolism that goes beyond color, beyond the black.
The material for the sculpture is at the same time, a changing and vibrant immaterial which never ceases to be transformed according to the angle by which it is approached. It needs the relief and thickness to create.
What he is trying to render is the sense of movement. His instinct guides him. His mind is inspired. His hands create. The work of the artist is in contrasting volumes: strength and softness, solidity and fragility.
By immersing himself in his representation of the suffering animal, the artist evokes in his own way the maltreatments inflicted on him, he chooses to do it through the image, which through the medium of the black color and the reflections that it generates, will highlight the animal sacrifice.
In fact, the artist shows us, by the choice to deprive them of their eyes, that these animals sacrificed a part of themselves in order to make us react to their condition, to encourage us to “see” To convince us of the evil that we are inflicting on them and, by the same token, point the finger at the paradox of our society based on image and overconsumption since it uses what shines and attracts the eye this time in the Purpose of alerting and not overconsumption.
The choice of the black color desired by the artist for several reasons accentuates the reflection of the light on the work (The black color is the color that one finds under the mirror, it is also the color of mourning, it is the most delicate color to realize because it has the property to reflect and make very visible the slightest defect, and here, faced with sculpture, the defect is indeed man.
The paradox of the image, the use of the word “reflection” in the two senses of the term (reflection and thought) and the question of sacrifice revealed by the black color, “transcending matter” is above all the result of an introspection of the artist, the finality of which resides in an exhortation to acuteness.

“Transcending matter”

The exhibition “Transcending the Matter” is the result of a long period of work that took place over almost two years.
During this period, the artist invested himself personally and financially in order to present a series of works of a high level and whose message carried by the latter wants to be very strong.
The material chosen by the artist as well as the theme of his work required a relatively long approach which resonates for the sculptor as an introspection necessary for the evolution of his career.
The use of composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber, high-strength resin, and other high-tech materials) allowed her to bring to life her animal exhibition project, Vector to raise public awareness of the animal issue.
The artist has opted for a technique that combines the oldest sculpture method, namely the direct size (here, in a block of polyurethane and not in the stone, but always entirely operated by hand ) And the most modern materials in order to recover the original raw material which is very light in order to bring a compromise of lightness and durability of its works. The finished work is therefore full unlike a casting sculpture made in a mold. This work therefore exists only in a single copy.
Although usually very secret, the artist will propose a new approach, the public will be able for the first time to approach the work of the latter as if it were present in the workshop since the artist has chosen to accompany this exhibition of A retrospective, a video documentary in the form of time lapse will allow to witness the evolution of the works of the first steps until the last gesture accomplished.
A gesture evocative of a certain transparency which for the artist represents a means of apprehending, sensitizing and communicating fully around his work.

Events & Exhibitions

January to December 2015: Permanent exhibition Apartment Galerie Spaziu in Paris.
May 2015: selected for the Mediterranean Fashion and Design Festival in Bastia.
September 2015: Exhibition Sale for the rotary Club de Porto Vecchio – Corsica
August 2015: Exhibition Golf of Sperone (Bonifacio) – Corsica
August 2015: Exhibition Din’art Muzik (Calvi) – Corsica
October / November 2015: Exhibition Roche Bobois Bastia. – Corsica
April 2016: First Exhibition in Art Gallery – Espace Farel in Ajaccio. – Corsica
May 2016: Integration of one of my works in a private collection. – Belgium
May 2016: Creation of my first monumental sculpture for Creazione 2016
Exhibited at the Museum of Bastia. – Corsica
June / July 2017: solo exhibition Cultural area Saint Jacques in Bonifacio – Corsica
August / September 2017: solo exhibition Cultural area Bastion of France in Porto Vecchio – Corsica
Juin 2016: Exposition permanente à la Galerie Marie Ricco à Calvi.
Juillet 2016: Exposition à la citadelle de Calvi.
Juillet 2016: Exposition permanente à la Galerie Simply’Art à Porto Vecchio

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